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post stamps inspired by the Greek Muses 2003
erato euterpe2 kalioppppe kinema klio melpomena polihymnia talia terpsychora urania stockbook cover stockbook erato stockbook euterpe stockbook kalliope stockbook klio stockbook polihymnia stockbook talia stockbook terpsychora stockbook urania stockbook kinema stockbook melpomena
Post stamps inspired by Muses
Stamps are my interpretation of the fields of art.
Each area has its own guardian - Muse.
Kinema - muse invented by me for contemporary times. Guardian of the movie.

Stamp-album is subject to graphic form of stamps
money-face value 2006
health freedom happiness sex wisdom power truth safeness safeness life life life How much sex for power, 
How much wisdom for freedom, 
How many lives for one health, 
How much love for the truth love1 love2 love3 love4 bielefeld poster lodz poster
The project illustrates the process and the emotions accompanying the use of money - their strength, power and properties.
Focused on 10 values: true love, happiness health, safety ...
Human nature demands to collect them all.
"How much sex for power
How much wisdom for freedom
How many lives for one health
How much love for the truth"
The aim of the project was to design new bills which once can change for particular value
The series consists of 9 graphics and 4 paintings.
Mixed media, 120x50 cm.
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